Renovating Remnant

Session 33

After finishing their job in Atlas, the party began their return back to Vale.

Just outside the city gate, they were intercepted by a frantic Ruby who told the party that there had been a sudden, massive increase in Grimm activity and attacks on the island of Patch. The attacks had already forced the students and teachers on the island to barricade themselves into the school, and Vale’s floundering military would have been incapable of responding to the threat. Among those trapped on the island was Ruby’s father and Yang’s uncle – Taiyang.

The party diverted to Patch and toward Taiyang’s house, where they spent a short time catching up as Ruby circled around, looking for the source of the Grimm influx. While she was out, a number of Beowolves circled the house and attacked. In defense of the house, Yang accidentally blew several fiery holes in the walls and knocked her uncle unconscious.

While waiting for Tai to come to, they put out the fires and tried to patch the holes, hoping that Ruby wouldn’t notice what they’d done.

Session 32

After exiting Mr. Schnee’s pocket dimension, the group escorted the two White Fang operatives to the Atlasian government, they decided to follow up on Russel’s information about Cardin’s wherabouts and ended up on eastern Mystral.

After going through the house, they moved to the basement and came across Cardin and some of his trainers. After beating him up and getting what little information they could out of him (including the fact that Cardin had no idea where Capri was), Guts killed him and looted everything.

Session 31

After arriving in Atlas, the group found themselves 2 Hats of Disguise for walking about discreetly and a doctor for Blake’s leg. With that, Yang headed out to resupply their potion stock (disguised as 4Chainz – 2Chainz’s cousin or something) and Guts hung out around the SDC to find more information about the Board. As the day went along, both characters were approached by Mr. Schnee wielding some sort of divining rod that seemed to be pointing out the characters.

Nearer to the end of the day, Mr. Schnee tracked them down while they were together, his divining rod still seeming to point them out. At that moment, the group realized what Mr. Schnee was trying to track down, and dispelled their disguises. After getting around his initial surprise, he told the group about his plan.

The next morning, the group met Mr. Schnee and his board of directors at the SDC.

Session 30

Information and a plan in hand, the adventurers set out for the city of Atlas, hoping to root out a mole or two in the SDC. Along the road, Blake pointed out someone that might have been from Cardin’s operation, someone that Guts immediately set upon. Interestingly enough, the man seemed to be more afraid of Blake than the man who was interrogating him. After they extracted whatever information they could, the group opted to release the man alive after some complaints from Mr. Schnee. Shortly afterward, the retreating group heard a number of screams coming from the forest, then Blake emerged and gave Guts some more information, including the man’s name, Cardin’s newest hideout, and people to get ahold of for transportation to that location.

The next day, the group arrived in Atlas, but were quickly turned away from the main gates on account of being incredibly wanted. Thanks to Guts’ connections, the group did manage to find another way into the city.

Session 29

The party tentatively approached Weiss and learned a bit about her old home while probing the situation for any danger. A short while later, Weiss’s nerves seemed to finally get to her and she teleported to locations unknown.

At that point, the globe containing Mr. Schnee started to crack, eventually resulting in him falling through, alive and unharmed. After quickly checking to make sure he was OK, the group heard more cracking from all around them as the once-frozen Grimm started to thaw. After a very close fight, nearly resulting in the death of Yang, the party regrouped and started to question Mr. Schnee about his involvement with the White Fang.

Session 28

Shocked, the party approached Weiss about the matter, and she immediately freaked out, grew to Huge size, and teleported to presumably Atlas.

Frantic and worried that Weiss would do something drastic, the adventurers rode to Glynda’s home and asked her to teleoport them to Atlas, which she did. What the group found was less than splendid – a hole in the wall of the SDC with assorted rubble on the ground. After asking around and finding a mage to help point them in the right direction, the group set out to find Weiss.

While passing through the slave town of Nichren, the party caught the attention of the guards who noticed Blake and her Faunus heritage, which led to a rooftop chase through the city. That culminated in Blake being shot down from the rooftops, being knocked unconscious, and Guts and Yang having to fight it out and managing to get Blake out of the town, but resulting in a Pyromaniac episode from Guts.

Later, while comping outside the town, the adventurers tried to remove the bolt lodged in Blake’s thigh, and while they succeeded in removing the bolt they also caused an unknown amount of muscle damage and rendered Blake unable to walk without assistance.

A day or so of travel later, and the group happened across an unexpected scene. In the middle of a clearing, the foundation of a once-massive house stands, surrounded by a number of Grimm-cicles. Sitting on the stone foundation of the house was a crying Weiss, and next to her was a floating orb of ice with another humanoid form inside.

What next?

Session 27

Back on the surface, the party decided to wait until morning before acting on any of their new information, and come morning, they awoke to the sound of bells. Following the stream of people to the center of town, they heard about the planned upgrades to the city, and that a certain phase of the upgrade would involve some structural instability and that the townsfolk would have to exit the city for a few hours.

The next day, the adventurers once again woke to the sound of bells, but this time they decided to go against the flow of people and hide somewhere near the center of the city until everyone left. With nobody in the city, the group stole back below the city and observed the upgrades taking place (and were nearly discovered).

That night, after everyone had come back inside the city, the characters heard screaming coming from the east. Following Yang’s sense of direction and the stares of other people, the party managed to track their way to Tosh’s house, and the source of the screaming. They arrived there just in time to hear the other man say “You’ve served your purpose” and witness Tosh being executed, his corpse joining the 3 others of his guards. As the assassin turned, the party could see the man’s red hair, bull horns, and angry red sword, and knew exactly who it was. Watching in silence, the group followed Adam to the meeting hall, and continued to watch as he approached the two guards at the door. They finally jumped into action as he executed the guards, killing him in a matter of seconds. After dealing with the night shift captain of the guard, the party headed to bed and departed the next morning for Mystral, where they received their reward for taking care of the White Fang.

Back in Vale, the group was surprised to hear their next target:

Mr. Schnee.

(MVP for most hugs this session was Guts, with one from Jillian, one from Ozpin [I ship it], and one [surprisingly] from Blake)

Campaign Date: June 16

Session 26

Just before the party left, one of them remembered the strange tattoo on the wanted man that they killed, and asked around about it or any strange happenings in the area. A fair number of the townsfolk remembered some strange lights from off the coast a few miles to the north, and the group decided to check it out, sneaking up the small cove they found and discovered more bandits (and an owlbear). They quickly dispatched the mooks and resorted to using the Amulet of Sariel and the Air Horn ’o John Cena on the boss, who they later discovered had quite the bounty on her head when they turned her in to the Mystralian Guard.

From there, the players headed back south to the settlement of Howell, and in their precursory search of the city, discovered Adam leading a meeting in what seemed to be the city hall. Within a few days, the party tracked Adam back to his house and apprehended him while he slept and turned him in to the Mystralian Guard. To their surprise, the Guard called back to them to say that there was a mistake – the person that the group brought them was the chief engineer of the Howell Project – and he certainly wasn’t the person in the picture the party had.

After several bouts of Dispel Magic by the court mage (on the picture and on Adam), the party confusedly left, apologizing, and then headed back to Howell, because there was clearly something up there. After searching around more carefully this time, then Yang going to the Adam-lookalike and learning his story (his name is Tosh, by the way), the group decided to check out the underground workings of the city. After learning that the damn thing could get up and walk, Guts figured that certain less altruistic factions would take interest and probably stop at nothing to get their hands on the city, and that they should learn as much about it as possible.

They found a hidden entrance in the planning council hall, but had difficulty opening it until Guts plowed through it with a Natural 20, breaking one of the hinges, and the group proceeded downstairs. Of the three rooms they discovered, two of them were mirror images – with massive tubes that were supposedly capable of lifting the city, and the other seemed to be a control room – with two slabs engraved with arcane markings and a control panel with 6 levers and a button. The group decided to leave the panel alone for now, but did discover some initial signs of sabotage – some of the metal attachment points had been bent away, probably causing some structural instability, and the party found a crowbar hidden under a raised tile. They took the crowbar with them, and then headed back topside.

Campaign Date: May 27

Session 25

After realizing what was going on, Guts woke the remainder of their party and they exited their tent to see a blade through one of the guards’ necks and a darkly-clothed man standing next to him. They battled it out with more robbers coming out of the woods, before finally coming across the man they saw from the wanted posters and killed him too. A quick looting of the robbers later turned up a symbol tattooed on their target’s arm – an anchor crossed with a slightly curved, green blade.

The next day, the caravan made it safely to the Valley Settlement, much to the relief of the settlers, who were piling strange, half mutated Grimm corpses into a pile upon the group’s arrival. Upon talking to the settlers, the party learned that these strange Grimm had started coming out of the wastes months ago, and when killed, wouldn’t dissolve like normal creatures of Grimm. They had been preparing to send a party into the wastes for a while now, but the caravans they needed with extra weapons kept being robbed along the way. A number of them said that the party should report in with the mayor, telling him that the caravan had arrived.

Shortly after doing so, the mayor told the party that he planned to find his daughter before doing anything else concerning the wastes, and revealed that his young daughter had run off in that direction, and that he’d be willing to reimburse the adventurers if they were able to successfully bring her back.

The party took a moment to collect a few others from the settlement to aid in the expedition, then departed and tracked the mayor’s daughter to an overgrown cave – looking very out of place in the otherwise desolate land. Once inside, the group came across something thoroughly unexpected, an underground oasis. Amidst the greenery, there was a large tree surrounded by a small pond, natural Dust crystals grew from the walls and glowed like torches, making for a very surreal contrast to the wasteland outside. In the middle of it all was a small girl, maybe 12, surrounded by animals with patches of Grimm-black fur. When she realized that the group was there, she introduced herself and said that the magic in this placed turned Grimm into animals, and made these crystals that were growing from the walls. The characters made a silent note to tell Weiss about the cave, and convinced the girl to come back to her dad, who was very worried about her. Back in the town, she convinced the group (Yang primarily) to hook her up with some alcoholic beverages for being such a brave adventurer, and Yang finally caved, getting Guts to distract her dad.

The group collected their reward from the mayor, and as the party was preparing to leave, the girl ran up to them and promised to find some way to thank them too.

Campaign Date: May 15

Session 24

From the market, the party decided to search around for information relating to the White Fang from the kingdom’s royalty and various townsfolk, culminating in the merchant from before happening across them and telling them that he was prepared to send a caravan tomorrow morning.

The next morning, the party departed, riding in the caravan to avoid being seen by any potential thieves. The first day on the road passed without event, and the second day was similarly uneventful, but on the night of the third day on the road, Guts woke with a start to the sound of a knife streaking across an unaware guard’s throat…

Campaign Date: May 6


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