Vale - City

The City of Vale is the capital city of the Kingdom of Vale and the host of the annual Vytal Festival this year. The city is run by a board of 3 councilmembers and it’s monarch, Ozpin. It’s military force, the Scarlet Guard, is known to train the best soldiers in the world (though Atlas has a much more powerful army).

Vale has natural protection from Grimm on almost all sides, with the ocean to its west, forest to its north, and mountains and hills to its east, thus it’s fairly easy to protect and has one of the best qualities of living out of all of Remnant.

Just before the shelling of Vale, all the inhabitants and the visitors, along with much of the continent were evacuated to Mountain Glenn, the failed expansion of Vale.

The players own a home here.

Notable NPCs

  • Glynda Goodwitch – Vale’s Governor
  • Ruby Rose – Captain of Vale Guard
  • - Capitol Mage (position empty)
  • - Captain of the Scarlet Guard (position empty)
  • - Second-in-Command of the Scarlet Guard (position empty)

Vale - City

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