Renovating Remnant

Session 33

After finishing their job in Atlas, the party began their return back to Vale.

Just outside the city gate, they were intercepted by a frantic Ruby who told the party that there had been a sudden, massive increase in Grimm activity and attacks on the island of Patch. The attacks had already forced the students and teachers on the island to barricade themselves into the school, and Vale’s floundering military would have been incapable of responding to the threat. Among those trapped on the island was Ruby’s father and Yang’s uncle – Taiyang.

The party diverted to Patch and toward Taiyang’s house, where they spent a short time catching up as Ruby circled around, looking for the source of the Grimm influx. While she was out, a number of Beowolves circled the house and attacked. In defense of the house, Yang accidentally blew several fiery holes in the walls and knocked her uncle unconscious.

While waiting for Tai to come to, they put out the fires and tried to patch the holes, hoping that Ruby wouldn’t notice what they’d done.



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