Faunus Rights Revolution

An exercise in oppression, the Faunus Rights Revolution was nothing more than a one-sided show of military power.

Three years ago, a group of Faunus called the White Fang began a series of peaceful protests in Vacuo in an effort to get equal rights. At the time, nearly all Faunus were enslaved to some degree, and the White Fang was made up of the lucky few that managed to escape for long enough to hide their identity.

Shortly after the protests began, Vacuo raised a militia made primarily of slavers after the Huntsmen of Shade outright refused to combat the peaceful group of activists. The militia quickly set to work, seeking to maim the protesters and make an example out of them.

Before long, news had spread of the White Fang and the atrocities committed by Vacuo’s militia, pushing more and more Faunus to rebel and protest – even extending to other kingdoms – emulating the White Fang’s actions.

In response to the Vacuan militia’s actions, the White Fang quickly adapted strategies, changing from peaceful protests, to defensive strategies, to full-on guerrilla warfare and attacks on the Vacuan government, eventually crippling it.

Afraid that similar things would happen to them, each kingdom turned to their their Huntsman academies to quickly put down the rebellions, using force if necessary. In the meantime, the Menagerie Concordant was drafted and signed by an emergency inter-kingdom council, wherein the kingdoms deported every Faunus they could find to the continent of Menagerie (save for Mantle).

Faunus Rights Revolution

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