The Great War

Also known as the “Color War”, the Great War was a war fought 80 years ago to preserve expression.

The beginnings of the war were like any other, one group of people did something that another group didn’t appreciate, both sides had armies, and neither had the intelligence to resist. In this case, the two groups were Mantle’s government and the other three kingdoms.

In order to keep down public uprisings and thoughts of dissent for fear of provoking Grimm attacks, Mantle’s government decided to destroy expressionist novels and other creations – something that Vale, Vacuo, and Mystral didn’t take kindly to – leading to their public involvement in a global war against Mantle.

Ironically, Mantle’s preventative tactics resulted in a record number of Grimm attacks due to the negative feelings of anger and hate spawned by the war efforts.

In response to the war efforts and in sympathy for the citizens of Mantle, the people of the other 3 kingdoms created the standing tradition to theme names after colors, something that the citizens of Mantle adopted quickly after the end of the war, and continue to do so today.

A relatively short war (it lasted slightly less than a year), the kingdoms quickly realized that, by fighting each other, they were merely weakening themselves and strengthening the Grimm – leading to a record high number of lost settlements and lives due to Grimm attacks, including Vale’s ambitious venture – Mountain Glenn.

Since then, the kingdoms do their best to avoid conflict with each other, regardless of their differing stances on how issues should be handled, unless they’re aligning against a common threat such as the Grimm or the forces that conspire to bring back the days of chaos.

The results of the war are still being felt today, however, as the war debts due from Mantle were enough to weaken the country’s businesses (and thus government) and open them to a complete military takeover. Also, in response to the increased Grimm threat, the other kingdoms established Huntsman academies in lieu of a standing military, noble warriors meant to protect the kingdoms and their people.

The Great War

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