Mid Session 12 RP

Yang: Gonna ask Blake if everything is alright

Blake: “I think that entire town was White Fang.”

Yang: “Holy shit, you should have said something! That can’t have been comfortable for you…”

Blake: “Didn’t want to spook you guys. Not when you guys are looking for something important.”

Yang: “Jeez Blake, I don’t care about getting spooked, it’s more important to me that we’re all safe, especially you”

Blake: “It wouldnt have been fair to you two.”

Yang: “How so?”

Blake: “This kind of thing is important to you guys, I’m just here for the ride.”

Yang: “Well if you weren’t ok with going into an entire town of White Fang we could have just told the Khajiit that we couldn’t find his amulet… this isn’t the kind of thing worth risking your life over”

Blake: “I can handle myself.”

Yang: “If you say so. But hey, I’ve been thinking of, i guess you’d say ‘uprooting’, the White Fang in Vacuo. I know you haven’t been here much but do you know of anyone that would be willing to help?”

Blake: “Not really. The mercenaries from Vacuo have been friendly to me whenever I run into them near Vale. Maybe they can help.”

Yang: “Sounds good to me. And hey, next time you’re uncomfortable with a situation, I want you to tell me.”
hugs Blake

Blake: awkwardly hugs Yang back
“Will do”

Mid Session 12 RP

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