Mid Session 22 RP

To Guts: You hears something. Laughing – a female child’s laugh

Guts: “Capri?”

To Guts: You see her, she turns around and smiles then runs to the north.

Guts is noticeably disturbed
Guts: “Capri stop running!”

Yang: “Guts! Hey! Get a grip. What’s going on?”

Guts: “Its Capri! Can’t you see?”

To Guts: As you round the corner, you can see Capri being held up by a large, muscled man, a quick flash of blood, and then her corpse drops to the floor.

Guts falls to his knees.

Yang: “Oh my god…”

Guts: “No… YOU BASTARD!”

He jumps toward the man and starts attacking him, then the man turns to Yang.

To Yang: As he does, you enter a world of your own. It isn’t this disgusting man you’re fighting. Its Blake. Blake killed all these people. Blake is a MURDERER

Yang stands in stunned silence

Guts: "Yang whats wrong?’

Yang: “…..Blake?”

Fake!Blake to Yang: Blake smiles at you, and turns back to Guts. “I knew it” She says, and continues to attack him.


Guts clutches his wounds.

Yang “Blake, what? What are you saying? What are you doing?”

Guts: “Yang HELP ME!!”

Fake!Blake to Yang: “Don’t you see? Hes a threat to us. he’s the monster here. Didn’t you see him last night??”

Guts: “I’m gonna kill you, you bastard!”

Yang shakes herself from her stupor, and lands a hit.

Fake!Blake to Yang: The smile falls from her face. “Why Yang?”
“I don’t understand…? Is this how you react to the real me?”

Guts is barely standing while Yang continues to attack.

To Yang: Blake holds a wound in her side as she turns to you. “If that’s how it has to be…”

Yang: “No! This isn’t the real you! The real Blake would never turn on her friends!”

Fake!Blake to Yang: “I’m sorry, Yang”

Guts: “Yang I’m losing a lot of blood here”

Yang is teary eyed as she lands the last punch.

To Yang: As you deal the final blow, Blake falls to the ground. The illusion fails only once she hits the ground.

Guts collapses.
Guts: “Hey uh… not feeling too hot.”

Yang looks up through her tears.
Yang: “Oh god, alright, let’s get you some help.”

On the way to Beacon

Guts: wheezing
“What was that guy?”

Yang: wiping eyes
“Heh, good fuckin’ question.”

Guts: “I saw her die in front of me… But she wasn’t there after we killed him. We need to get this to Ozpin.”

Yang: “You saw your sister right? I… I saw Blake standing next to all these bodies, she was attacking you.”

Guts: “Yeah I saw her. Must’ve been that eye on his head that did that.”
stumbles a bit
“Goddammit never been like this since I died. How’d you decide to attack Blake? I thought you two were lovers?”

Yang: “She called you a monster, she tried to convince me to kill you. The real Blake would never turn on us like that.”

Guts: “Hell, I might be… Knowing what I’ve done. Even if the real Blake did say that. You’d still defend me?”
coughs up a little blood

Yang: “Guts, we’ve been through some shit. I trust you with my life, and it’s hard to think of anything that’d turn me against you.”

Guts: “Thanks… I needed that.”
coughs a bit more
Guts: “Probably should’ve gotten the drop on him huh?”

Yang: “As if we could have done that. He tricked us into running right into him.”

Guts: “Heh my bad. Haven’t seen her in forever. I miss her quite a bit.”
sobs a little
“How close are we to getting me healed? I’m starting to get a little light headed.”

Yang: “I’m not sayin’ it’s your fault, I certainly don’t blame you haha. But it looks like we’re almost there, hang in there just a little bit longer buddy.”

Guts: “Awesome. I’d prefer if I didn’t die again. Also remind Ozpin where we left the body. I want his stuff.”

Yang: “If you say so haha.”

Guts: “Except that eye thing. I’m giving that to Ozpin to lock that shit away.”

Yang: “Yeah, that’s dangerous shit. I don’t want anything more to do with it.”

Guts: shudders slightly
“By the way, Tyr will not know what has transpired tonight. I fear he’d want the damn thing.”

Yang: “Oh god, I didn’t even think about that. My lips are sealed.”
lip zipping motion

Guts: “Good. Looks like we’re here”

Yang: jokingly
“Finally, you’re bleeding all over me.”

Guts: laughs a bit
“I’ll try to refrain from getting cut in the future. No promises.”
goes inside castle

Ozpin: “Oh.. Well then cancel the extra order of coffins”

Yang (quietly): “…..did Ozpin think we’d die?”

Guts (announces): “I dunno, might need one for me.”
raises bloody hand

Ozpin: “Nah, there’s enough left of you to at least put into some sick-ass construct”

Yang: “Ummm, how about no. Let’s just get him some medical assistance.”

Ozpin: “Ugh, you guys are no fun… Weiss? Can we get some magic up in here?”

Yang: “Alright, anyways, we left his body somewhere in the southeast of the industrial district. He had some crazy ass third eye on him, and it needs to get gone.”

Ozpin: “A third eye?”

Guts: “Oz! We killed the asshole. Also make sure someone grabs his stuff I want it. Also he had some sort of eye thing on his head. Saw people dear to us in place of other peoples spot.”

Ozpin: “Hey, no need to get all bent out of shape, also that sounds like some sorta magic-y shit and that’s usually a bad time”
Gestures at the guard in the room, he leaves, followed immediately by a red blur

Yang: “Oh hey – never mind, she’s gone.”

Ozpin: “Say again?”

Yang: “Nothing, just, Ruby.”

Ozpin: “Right, I knew she had a name”

Weiss walks out at some point and heals Guts, all of his open gashes and scrapes close up.
Weiss: You got pretty beat up out there, be careful next time, the both of you

Yang: “The important thing is that we’re still alive!”
grins cheekily, throwing an arm around Guts’ shoulder

Weiss: “You guys really are something… but that sounds like some really powerful magic. There aren’t many people alive that could make that convincing of an illusion.”

Conversation descends into a mess of laggy texts and confused conversation.

Mid Session 22 RP

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