Post Session 16 RP

Blake: “Any idea why I’d be a targeted by Guts’ old trainer? I learned about him the same time you did.”

Yang: “No idea, I honestly don’t even know how they know about you…”

Blake: “I thought I was done with having a target painted on my back when we killed Sun. Guess that means that there’s someone bigger out there whose looking for me”

Yang: “I can’t imagine what it’s like, always having to watch your back like that. I don’t know who’s looking for you, but we’re gonna put a stop to it.”

Blake: “It looks like we’ll be able help out Guts in the meantime. I’m really starting to wonder why you weren’t on that list, seems like Guts and I have far too many skeletons in our closet for you to stay unnoticed”

Yang: “I agree, after all we’ve been through I can’t believe somebody wouldn’t want us all together.”

Blake: “Mhm, if it were up to me we’d lay low for a little while, but that probably wouldn’t do much, and honestly, how likely is that to happen now that Tyr is back?”

Yang: "Haha, yeah. Even without him we weren’t a very discrete bunch. "

Blake: “Fair enough”

Blake: “Speaking of discrete, I didn’t notice you sneak these out.”
holds up magazines
“So uh, you in to this shit?”

Yang: eyes go wide
“I uh… um… maybe, yes? How did you get those?!”

Blake: smirks
“You get good at this kind of thing when you have to steal to live. I’d say this is more fun though.”

Yang: “Apparently so.”
“You know Blake, I’m really glad you’re with us.”

Blake: “Y’know, I’d say the same, but I don’t know how comfortable I’d be with you having these. I mean, Razrac maybe, and Guts doesn’t get any either, but you?”

Yang: blushes
“I don’t know what to say…. I mean it’s not like I get any either haha. And I uh"
clears throat

Blake: “Say again? I uh, I don’t think I caught that last bit.”

Yang: “I like you Blake.”

Blake: “Oh."
“I think I caught it that time.”
“… How long?”

Yang: “Since the day we found you in Kokler.”
“When I saw you I almost couldn’t believe it, it had been so long, and you looked so beautiful. It took me forever to work up the nerve to say anything, which is weird for me, but I guess I was scared to find out how you’d react. But I guess now my feelings are out in the open….”

Blake: “I uh, I think I like you too”
“I mean, I thought it was just kid stuff at first, but when you showed back up in Kokler I think I figured out it was the real deal…”
“’s funny how feelings work, huh?”

Yang: “Heheh, yeah. I’m just kinda surprised that you like me back honestly. I didn’t think you’d be into someone like me.”

Blake: “What? Insane?”
“I think I’m more surprised that you’d like me, seems like you’d go after someone with a mental condition like yours.”

Yang: “Hahahaha, just because I like to have some fun doesn’t mean I’m insane. And anyways, how could I not go after you? You’re beautiful, and you’ve always been such a caring friend, even if you like to seem distant.”

Blake: looks away
“You can stop with the complements now, and we both know you’ve got the real assets”

Yang: “Sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you. And please, these are honestly more of a hassle than they’re worth.”

Blake: “Not from here they aren’t”
“…But uh, where do we go from here? Where is here?”

Yang: “I’m not sure, I don’t think I’ve ever really had a serious relationship before. Are we dating?”

Blake: “You? Really?”
“Actually, yeah I can kinda see it.”
“I don’t think we’re ‘dating’ until we’ve ‘dated’, but I can’t think of anything better.”

Yang: “Fair enough, I guess that makes things official then.”

Blake: “I think I might have a good solution though…”

Yang: “Oh yeah? What is that?”

Blake: “There’s a bar pretty close to here… wanna go on a date?”

Yang: “Sounds like a good time. Let’s do it!”

Blake: “And Yang?”

Yang: “Yes?”

Blake: “Don’t die… please?”

Yang: “…..don’t worry, I won’t.”

Fade to Black

Post Session 16 RP

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