Post Session 22-2 RP

Blake: In response to seeing you come back, covered in blood and beat up
“Holy shit! Yang! Are you ok??”

Yang: “Yeah… I’m fine. If anybody you should be worried about Guts.”

Blake: “I… You know full well why I’m more worried about you.”
“What happened?”

Yang: “Heh, fair enough.”
smiles while wiping blood from corner of mouth
“Well that serial killer that Ozpin sent us after turned out to be a little more dangerous than we anticipate.”
“He had some sort of third eye thingy that messed with our eyes.”

Blake: grimaces
“Aren’t most? What was so special about this one?”

Yang: “Well he started off by tricking Guts into thinking he saw his sister, and led us right into him.”
“Then, while we were fighting, he started playing with my mind, causing me to hallucinate and stuff.”

Blake: “Thats… cruel and unusual. Causing people to hallucinate? Especially making Guts think of his sister.”
“I’m glad you were able to kill him. He seemed like a …monster.”
looks away at the last bit

Yang: raises an eyebrow
“Something wrong? You seemed hesitant there.”

Blake: “I… nothing.”
“Just, when you think about some of the things we’ve done, makes you wonder if others don’t see us as the monsters. And maybe they’re right”

Yang: scratches head, looking down
lets out a sigh before looking up
“I know that we’ve done some questionable things, I know we’ve killed a lot of people. We’re… not the best of people, with no doubt.”
gaining some momentum
“But we have to believe that what we’re doing is right. In my heart I really think that we’re making a difference for the better, even if our hands are dirty and bloody.”

Blake: “But what we don’t? What if there are things that I-we’ve done that are past forgiving? Past humanizing?”
“What makes the good guys doing bad things any better than the bad guys doing bad things? What’s even the difference between the two?”

Yang: “Wait, Blake, what are you talking about?”
with a look of concern
“What’s wrong?”

Blake: looking straight down by this point
“Just…. answer my question first.”
“I need to know”
“I need to know you won’t hate me”

Yang: “Blake, you and I both know that there’s nothing that could change how I feel about you. You’re the love of my life.”
pulls Blake into a hug
“If there’s something wrong, we can always talk it out. Now, what’s wrong?”

Blake: “I’ve done things while I was in the White Fang. Things that no person should ever do.”
“But I thought I could make up for them. I left the White Fang. I tried convincing others to stay away.”
“But when I left Kokler, my anger got the best of me… anger that I didn’t even know I still had… and I… I did something that I shouldn’t have done. And I don’t know how to deal with it”
You can feel your shoulder getting wet

Yang: strokes Blake’s hair
“Want to tell me what happened?”

Blake: “I don’t know.”
“Do you remember the Scarlet Guard?”

Yang: “Yeah, their cave was where we got our semblance rings.”

Blake: “Do you remember what happened to them?”

Yang: “We… found them all dead.”
tenses up a bit

Blake: “Yeah”
If she could look further away, she does so now

Yang: “Holy shit…”

Blake: “..Yeah”
“I’d understand if you want to leave, it would be that appropriate reaction”

Yang: “I…”
pulls Blake closer
“Why didn’t you tell me? To have that weighing on your conscience for… holy shit a year, must have been awful.”

Blake: tenses
“I didn’t know how you’d react… and I didn’t want to find out”

Yang: “I’m not sure how I should be reacting. I mean, Guts hinted at your past being darker than we thought but…”
“… look, all that matter is that we’re here now. We can’t change our past, so focus on the present. And presently, I’m here with you.”

Blake: “I guess so. And I dont know how to thank you for that… I think it feels better with it off my chest”
“Also, remind me to kill Guts after he’s done recovering”

Yang: “Well I’m glad that you feel better, and you can thank me by just staying here with me. And don’t blame Guts, he didn’t mean to bring anything up.”

Blake: “I… ok”
“I love you Yang, I really do”

Yang: smiles
“I love you too Blake.”

Post Session 22-2 RP

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