Post Session 22 RP

When you get back to the house, you see that large portions of it are covered in cobwebs

Guts: “No…”

Kirigaya: “Hey! You’re back!
Oh right… That… She said it was a practical joke that you’d find kinda funny. I’m gonna guess that you didn’t find it funny…”

Guts: basically Vietnam flashback face
“No… Why is she here?”

Kirigaya: “I uh… You gonna be ok there buddy?”

Guts: Pulls out sword with the straightest face the whole time
“Yeah just uh… gonna take care of something.”

Kirigaya: “Alrighty then, it was good to see you again, drop on by when you get the chance!”
walks off

Guts: Looks back and smiles
“I will!”
Walks inside
Starts taking down spider webs

Guts: Grumbles something along the lines of thank goodness I don’t have kids

It takes you a while, but you get most of the cobwebs down with minimal mess

Guts: sigh
“Oh Queelag where are you?”

Quelaag: “In here, honey”

Guts: "Hey, uh why’d you web the place?’

Quelaag: “Thought you’d like it. You sure did that night”

Guts: “Look I don’t remember that night. It was one time. If you actually want to be a romantic possibility with me, stop referring to that.”

Quelaag: “o-ok”

Guts: “Now that we’ve got that out of the way, why are you in my house?”

Quelaag: “I needed a place to stay and the people here seemed nice. That and I figured you’d abandoned the place – seems like its kinda your thing.”

Guts: “I’m not known for settling down. Although after traveling so damn much though I needed some time to relax. I figured you needed a place to stay. After what the white fang did.”

Quelaag: goes silent

Guts: “Queelag?”

Quelaag: “How can the White Fang claim to be better than humans when all they do is destroy?”

Guts: “There’s gotta be more to it than just the white fang. Their values were righteuos at one point but something happened. I don’t know what’s going on but I’m working towards equality between our races. Through politics or other means.”

Quelaag: “Sounds contrived and romanticized. The world’s not a fairy tale. Bad things happen to good people for no good reason and theres nothing anyone can do to stop it.”

Guts: “Doesn’t mean I won’t try. It’s been my goal since I knew the tragedy of this world. I’ve smuggled faunus out of atlas and the slave trade, I’ve fought the White Fang due to them being more detrimental to the cause of equality than good. I’ve brought like minded people into the cause. My actions may not do anything large to reach my goal but if it gets closer. Thats all that matters. Also you don’t think I know bad things happen to good people for no reason? My mother and I were brought into slavery just because we sympathised with the faunus. I grew up in hell only to loose what was dear to me. My mother died and my sister is still with that asshole Cardin!”
Tears rushing down his face and slams his fist on a table

Quelaag: “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to hit a nerve.”

Guts: “Sorry I get a bit emotional about my past. I’ve done terrible things too. I uh rather not talk about that. I’m gonna crash somewhere.”

Quelaag: watches you leave

Post Session 22 RP

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