Post Session 28 RP

Blake: “So uh, Yang, what happened between me getting shot and losing some leg muscle?”

Yang: “Well, we got surrounded by like, a shit ton of guards, then Guts had some sort of fit, and I had to timestop our way out of there. Wasn’t very fun.”

Blake: “I uh, I can imagine. I think its safe to say that it wasn’t terribly fun on this end either.
What kind of fit do you mean? I don’t see Guts making like a baby in the middle of combat.”

Guts: “Kinda saw you on the ground and uh lost myself a bit…”

Blake: “Lost..?”

Guts: “Yeah… I think I might have a problem. I might have contracted pyromania.”

Blake: “Like… burning things? I don’t really see how that fits in.”

Guts: “Like the I might murder my friends if they get close kind of pyromania.”

Blake: “Ohh, that kind…
That’s far more of an issue.”

Guts: “I don’t think its just a rumor anymore.”

Yang: “Uh, anybody want to explain?”

Blake: “Pyromania was, -is, a rumor that was passed down by some of the newer members of the White Fang, those that escaped from the mines.
Apparently, the SDC found a rare, highly concentrated vein of Red Dust, and instead of thinking first of the safety of their slaves, they gave the order to press twice as hard.
A few days later, some of the Faunus started to go mad, attacking each other with reckless abandon – killing one another… the exposure to the Dust made them ruthless and bloodthirsty. That is Pyromania
Up until now, I always figured it was some sort of rumor to show how evil the SDC is, their story was something about instability in the mine. Turns out both stories may have been right…”

Yang: “Soooo…. that’s a problem.”

Guts: I’ve been able to mitigate it for a while

Blake: “Yes, yes it is Yang. I guess that does explain the outburst from a few months ago.
I’m fairly impressed that you’ve managed to hold it in so well, Guts.”

Guts: “I’ve felt its presence for a while. It comes from my right hand i think.”

Blake: “Well I guess that does make sense, that is what where you cut yourself if I recall correctly.”

Guts: “Yeah it was some red dust too…”

Blake: “So what happens now? I’d rather avoid you ending up like the Faunus in the rumor, if it can be avoided.”

Yang: “Well if anyone is gonna know anything about Pyromania, it’s the Schnees. We should probably talk to them.”

Guts: “Well we are going to see them for many reasons aren’t we?”

Blake: “That’s bound to fun. Last I recall, we drove one to kidnap the other. I doubt either likes us very much.”

Yang: “Sure we fucked up when talking to Weiss, but I don’t think she’s gonna have anything against us. At least I hope not…”

Guts: “You did she how she nearly knocked my ass into the ground?”

Blake: “I hope so too. Just to be safe though, I think it’s best if I stay more or less out of sight. I don’t want to add being Faunus sympathizers onto your already large list of offenses against them. Also Guts, I think that may have had to do with her massive height and your relatively small stature… which is more than a little ironic.”

Guts: “It was kinda funny… Would’ve said nice view but I probably would’ve died.”

Blake: “Yes, lets not complement the heiress’s and capital mage’s underwear. Especially when she’s three times your height.”

Yang: “I don’t know, I would’ve gotten a kick out of it.”

Blake: exhales sharply
“… Yang?”

Yang: “Yeah?”

Blake: “You’re lucky you’re pretty, because you would have gotten a slap otherwise.”

Guts: “Yang… High five!”

Blake: “You’re going to… encourage this nonsense?”

Yang: vigorous high fiving
“Sorry Blake”

Blake: “I was kidding Yang, its just sometimes your puns blake me yangry.”

Yang: "Oh my god, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit

Guts: "I uh… no

Blake: “Well then, last time I try that. I’ll leave the ball in your court, Yang.”

Yang: “Haha, thanks, I uh, was kidding though. Glad you’re trying.”

Blake: “I’m trying to make you glad.
So, do we know which way is forward?”

Guts: “Define forward.”

Blake: “A better place than we are now? Wanted, confused, injured, and Pyromaniac?”

Guts: “I mean could be worse?”

Blake: “Its Mantle. Even in the middle of summer, it always finds a way.”

Yang: “You’ve got a point. But I think as long as we find Weiss things will probably work out alright.”

Guts: “Hopefully”

Blake: “With any luck, we’ll probably be fine. But you all know what black cats are good for.”

Guts: “A soft thing to pet?”

Yang: “Cuddling?”

Blake: “Huh, maybe”

Guts: “Hey I’m not the one petting you”

Blake: “You’d better not, Guts. Else you’ll find yourself somewhere else – sans hand.
Anyway, my leg’s started bleeding again, and I’d rather not dye my sleeping bag red. I’ll take first watch.”

Yang: “If you insist.”

Blake: “Night Yang.
And Guts, I had better not find your hand anywhere near my head. Go pet Razrac or something.”

Guts: "I’ll have you know I haven’t pet a damn thing in a year or so. But I’ll try.
“But not Razrac and not you. You’ve got Yang for that and you 2 pissed at me doesn’t sound like a good time.”

Blake: from outside
You’ve got that right!

Guts: sigh “Does everyone think I’m gay?”

Yang: from sleeping bag
“Everyone else? Probably”

Post Session 28 RP

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