Post Session 29 RP

Yang: “Soooo, did you ever actually read the papers you were signing? Cuz from what we know, there were some very incriminating papers with your signature on them.”

Mr. Schnee: “Umm, enough to know that it was bound for the mines?”
“Who actually reads those things anymore? They were probably just shipments of food and other stuff.”

Yang: look like “are you serious”
“Are you serious?”

Mr. Schnee: “What do you want from me? I’m not a small business owner, I’m the head of the largest damn organization in the world!”
realizes that he’s talking to the person who just came back from life
“Please don’t kill me”

Yang: sigh
“I’m not gonna kill you, but god damn is that irresponsible. You’re underlings have been dealing with the White Fang and you’ve been authorizing it without even knowing.”

Guts: “Me on the other hand…”

Mr. Schnee: fetal position intensifes

Guts: “Now if you know anything. ANYTHING that might help us now is the time.”

Mr. Schnee: “Please no! I-I’ll set you up with anything! Everything! Money! Land! Slaves! Just don’t kill me!”


DM: (roll Intimidate)
Guts: (28)
DM: (34)

Mr. Schnee: “Well I don’t have any! The SDC doesn’t directly affiliate with those fucking Faunus!”


Mr. Schnee: “Well its not me! So go do your job and find them! Let me go back to doing mine.”

Guts: “You forget that you aren’t in a position to make demands.”

Mr. Schnee: “You forget that I have massive amounts of control over the world. No matter what, I’m going back to my job, and no matter what, you’re not getting what you need from me. So just speed this up and go back home.”

Yang: “You may have power, but if you have any sense of what’s good for you and your company, you’re going to help us find your mole.”

Mr. Schnee: “I – I’ll do that, but only for the good of the company I built from the ground up.”

Guts: “Good where do you think we can start?”

Mr. Schnee: “I don’t even know where the problem is coming from. Its not like I have that much to do with the rest of the employees.”

Yang: “Well, it has to be at least several of the more prominent members of the company, if these documents are reaching you with nobody making a fuss.”

Mr. Schnee: “S-so my board of directors is working toward the Faunus takeover?”

Guts: “Would they have any reason to get you out of the company?”

Mr. Schnee: “No – yes – maybe?”
“I mean, people never like it when others make more money than you do? And my daughter is next in line for the company head.”

Guts: “Not sure she’d want to inherit it.”
“What happened last time we saved you?”

Mr. Schnee: “Who? Winter? She’s a fine upstanding citizen who deserves the position!”
“What happened? I thanked Weiss for sending such fine rescuers and went back to work. There was a brief period where people wondered where I was, but I was able to pass it off as an unannounced vacation.”

Guts: “Winter? Didn’t see/meet her when you left. Anyone who seemed surprised to see you back?”

Mr. Schnee: “She’s currently managing the mines to the northeast.”
“No, I don’t believe so, rather everyone was surprised that I left. I don’t typically take vacations – unannounced or otherwise”

Guts: “There’s also the possibility that someone may have tried to frame you sending us after you.”

Mr. Schnee: “What would anyone have accomplished by sending you after me?”

Yang: “Good question.”

Guts: “This whole situation is confusing. Maybe it was to create confusion for something else to happen.”

Mr. Schnee: “Maybe?”
“That makes sense. Does that make sense?”

Yang: “I mean, makes sense to me.”

Mr. Schnee: “So what now?”

Yang: “Well, for now we head back to the SDC, and have ourselves a mole hunt.”

Guts: “Sounds good to me.”

Mr. Schnee: “Ok.”

Yang: “Alrighty then”

Post Session 29 RP

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