Post Session 35 RP

After dealing with the hit squad sent after them and seeing the name “Project Legacy”, the group returns to find Blake in a new outfit with some blue cloth wrapped around one arm.

Guts: “So what’s with the new getup?”

Blake: “What, this? I had to talk to some people and figured intimidating was the way to go – this fit the bill.
What do you think?”

Guts: “It suits you. What about that intimidating business or is this about the next job?”

Blake: “No, this is just a way of making sure more of my past doesn’t come back to bite you. It’s done enough of that already.”
“What’s this about the next job?”

Guts: “Next job involves us going to an island… and taking out the leader of the White Fang. You don’t have to come if you don’t want to.”

Blake: “In the northwest?
I’ve heard that place is a fortress, you’re going to need every hand you can get.”

Guts: “Sounds good. What about that blue cloth on your arm? Any significance?”

Blake: “Insurance policy, just in case the new look didn’t cut it. It’s unimportant now.”
(to Guts: You can make out some white marking or text on the armband. You can’t quite make it out, and Blake is able to turn it out of sight before you can get a closer look)
slides it off her arm and pockets it
“Anyway, about the fortress, I’ve heard that there have been renovations since you started killing White Fang leaders.
I’ve even heard some rumors about Grimm roaming the place wild.”

Guts: “Wonderful, breaching the fortress will be oh so FUN!”

Blake: “That’s why I said you’re going to need the help.”

Guts: “Any ideas on getting in? Other than improvising and hoping for the best?”

Blake: “I’ve never been to the place, only heard rumors.
Though I thought improvising and hoping for the best was your go-to plan.”

Guts: “Nothing wrong with a change in pace.”

Blake: “Fair enough.
I figure we’ll be able to come up with a plan once we actually get to the place and see it with our own eyes.”

Guts: “Sounds good. Also we got attacked by a hit squad. On the notes of our Hits, these were from Cardin btw, they were of our transgressions. Murder and the like but I noticed something on both of ours that I don’t recognise. Something called ‘Project Legacy’? Know anything about it?”

Blake: “Can’t say I have. What about Yang’s?
Was she hurt?”

Guts: “Yang’s didn’t have it. She wasn’t. Frankly I was out for most of the fight with 5 FUCKING SHURIKENS IN MY DAMN BACK.”

Blake: “Yes, I’m sure that hurt. Where is Yang now?”

Guts: “Probably still looking for you. Lets go look for her.”

Yang: looks up from a bottle of glue
“Oh hey,” sniff “what’s up?”

Blake: “Yang, don’t do that. It’s not good for you.”

Guts: “I don’t know what I expected.”

Yang: “Fiiiiine. Anyways”

Blake: “How are you feeling?”

Yang: “Me? Great, why?”

Blake: “I heard you were attacked. That doesn’t always go over well.”
“And how was that thing with Patch? How was… she?”

Yang: “Well I took a pretty nasty hit to the head, but Rubes had our backs. We uh, managed to clear out the Grimm. And we helped out my uncle, so I’d say things went well. Sorry we took so long…”

Blake: “It’s alright, as long as you’re sure you’re OK. It’s good to know that the Grimm Reaper will at least protect humans…
I had just assumed that you were just tied up with something.”

Yang: “Some, uh, bad history between you guys, huh?”

Blake: “There was a war, Yang. You don’t get through that without some feelings getting hurt.
Let’s just say that the Grimm Reaper doesn’t just take Grimm.”

Yang: “I know, I know. That’s war though. She’s really a nice person, she’s just been through a lot, like you.”

Blake: “I’m sure. Just two sides of the same, very fucked up coin.”
takes a deep breath
“Sorry, Yang. I shouldn’t be angry at you.”

Yang: “No, it’s ok. I imagine something like that would dig up some bad memories.”
notices blue rag sticking out of Blake’s pocket
“So uh, when did you join another gang haha.”

Blake: “Oh, you know me. Always trying to stir up some trouble or another.”

Yang: “Well I wouldn’t say you stir up trouble, it just sorta follows you around. But really, what’s up?”

Blake: “Like I told Guts, I was meeting with some people in order to stop all the trouble that tends to follow me around. The armband was just so they could identify me. It’s not important now.”
(to Yang: You’re pretty sure she’s not telling the truth about why she left to do whatever. But you’re not sure what the truth is, or why she’s acting suspicious about it)

Yang: “Umm, alright then. So then I assume he told you about the mission?”

Blake: “Yeah, he did
I offered to help, if you guys need it.”

Yang: “I’m thinking we might, this sounds really, really big. Anything you need to do before we go?”

Blake: “I don’t think so.
But it wouldn’t be a bad idea to be geared up for everything. Being prepared for the unexpected and all that.”

Yang: “Fair enough, we should probably head back to Vale or something for that.”

Blake: “Sounds like a plan”

Post Session 35 RP

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