Pre Session 19 RP

Guts: nudges at Blake
“What’s with that huge bag of gold Tyr’s lugging around?”

Blake: “Not sure, I don’t remember seeing it before.”

Guts: “Think he got it off those guards?”

Blake: “It could have been looted, certainly makes more sense than Razarac making all that money.”

Guts: “Razarac has the means to do so. But an infinite supply of something usually means it will be sold for less. But I’m getting off topic. I don’t know about you but I don’t like how he’s going around killing guards. For gods sake you and I are marked to be terminated and he’s making our position very well known. I think we should teach him a lesson by stealing that money.”

Blake: “While I don’t disagree, how do you think he’ll react when all that loot just mysteriously goes missing”

Guts: "Any thief worth anything will make a grab for that bag. He isn’t exactly hiding it.

Blake: “Does it really matter how it goes missing? Whether we take it or someone else does, he’s going to be incredibly pissed and that’s never a good thing.”

Guts: “Damn. That bag is gonna get a lot of unwanted attention. Plus I’d rather us steal it then someone else. Maybe the good ol’ switcharoo? When do you think he’s gonna use that? I don’t think anytime near he’s gonna need that much.”

Blake: “Yes it is. What would we switch it with? And wouldn’t he still get angry once he finds that it’s been replaced?”

Guts: “What do you suggest then? Leave it? Just some blood money of innocent people?”

Blake: “I don’t know, alright?
There’s no perfect solution, there’s no way to help everyone, there’s no way to bring everyone back…!”
eyes leaking a bit

Guts: “Woah, there. I know we can’t save everyone. There’s no spell of mass resurrection. I’d wish I could save all the poor kids I killed in my childhood.”
struggles to hold back manly tears
“Huh, it sure looks like its gonna rain soon.”

Blake: takes a deep breath
“But we can’t, and it’s high time that we accept the fact that we can’t take any of it back, as much as we’d like to”

Guts: “Look, if its about our past actions… I’m sorry. I didn’t want to kill all those faunus. Back then I still haven’t fully recovered from my past. That place… Nirchen… Changes people. But thanks to you and Yang I’ve gotten better. I’ve decided to fight my demons. If you ever need someone. I’m there.”

Blake: “I wasn’t talking about you, I wish that’s all it was… Let’s just say that my demons make yours look like a newborn Beowolf… and they’re far more recent. That’s why I don’t want any of you getting involved, but Dust knows that Yang’s got more power over me than Oum himself, and she convinced me to tag along with the three of you. I’m sorry for all the trouble that’s going to cause.”

Guts: “Your…?”

Blake: “Yeah, things that you don’t even want to think about. I’ve killed so many people, caused so many others harm, all without thinking about anyone but my own cause, never thinking about the consequences, and they’re going to catch up with me eventually.”

Guts: very plainly
“Did you enjoy it?”
“Did you slice some poor kid in half with the widest smile?”

Blake: “Not all of it, but I won’t lie and say that I didn’t feel good about some of them.”
“Yes. She was barely even 20 and I know I made it painful.”
“I’m a monster, and I can’t do anything about it anymore.”

Guts: starts laughing maniacally
starts talking in a different voice
“Oh the crowd would’ve loved you. They would chant your name egging you on just to torture the poor bastard. They would throw money at you and whatever else you wanted. So what you killed with a smile. Haven’t we all? There’s always an asshole who needs to be killed. And on that ring all they did was put him in front of you.”

Blake: visibly disturbed
“What about a city? Do you think the citizens of Vale needed to be killed? Kokler? I did that! That’s one of MY demons! I don’t know who you think you are, but murder isn’t forgivable! You shouldn’t be laughing right now, you should be taking me to jail!”
basically screaming now

Guts: screaming but back to a familiar tone
“I was raised on murder! Why the hell should I take you?! Tyr just murdered an entire guard squadron. Yang has definitely murdered people! You did see the wreckage after we attacked that fort right?! I don’t know how Kokler was your fault! I carry my demons with me to remind me of that fateful day.”
shows amulet with a picture of a small bunny faunus
“The least you could do is make right of it.”

Blake: “So do I!!”
produces Pyrrha’s Scarlet Guard badge
“So tell me. How do I make up for this one!?”

Guts: “What in the…”
Looks for the badge
looks for Jaunes badge

OOC: that’s still there, someone else’s demon to deal with ;)

Guts: Breaths sigh of relief
“That explains why they…”
Pauses for a realization
“That’s the girl you were talking about wasn’t it.”

Blake: “… Yeah.”

Guts: Falls down on knees with a wide expression
“I knew she was an asshole… But why?”

Blake: “She… That whole organization is working with the Council, and whether they know it or not, they’re doing everything they can to keep the Faunus enslaved. I thought that killing them might weaken the arm of the oppressor. Not a day goes by that I don’t regret my decision.”
shocked expression

Guts: "The Council…? Arm of the Oppressor…? Keep faunus enslaved…? Why haven’t I heard of this council? Does Yang know of this?

Blake: “I haven’t told her anything. It would ruin her view of me. I can’t let that happen.”

Guts: “Keeping this from her will also do so. How big is their true influence?”

Blake: “Pretty big.. I mean, they control the city of Vale”

Guts: “Thought that was Ozpin”

Blake: "No, he’s commanded by 3 council members that actually control what goes on

Guts: “Is he responsible though?”

Blake: “I don’t know, probably not, what reason would he have to be against us?”

Guts: “I don’t know. Wait that’s why you had to kill Sun! That’s why he’s still alive!”
calms down a bit
stands up and looks at the ground confused*
“Why did you come with us even though you knew we were working against the white fang?”

Blake: “Like I said, Oum only knows that kind of power Yang has over me.”
smiles a bit

Guts: raises an eyebrow
“She really is a nice person. Hell beautiful even. She’s probably the reason I stopped doing all that nonsensical crap. Hell after I told you of my past I stopped heavily drinking. Even more so I started on that book.”
blushes as he hands over the book.

Blake: “Heh, No disagreements there”
“I see that, you’ve uh, put a bit of work into it”

Guts: “Yeah. Look I figured there’s something bigger than the white fang at work here. Now if you want to take on this Council, I want in. I’ve got so many faunus out of Atlas but in vale they are trying to keep them as slaves? I can’t abide by that.”

Blake: “Yang and I were talking about this earlier. No idea who it could be though, they have to have connections with your old driver though.
You want to take on the ruling structure of Vale over a generally accepted issue like Faunus rights? That’s almost insane”

Guts: “There are people like me actively helping. The way the white fang is doing it is wrong. Its not through fear but through kindness, politics, and time. It sucks I know but with time things will change!”

Blake: “At least there’s one hopeful one among us”

Guts: “Aren’t you? Isn’t Yang?”

Blake: “With all the stuff that’s been happening? I’m not”

Guts: “Are you saying with what we’re doing or what the white fang is doing?”

Blake: “Just… Everything that’s been happening”

Guts: “Yeah, everything’s been going to shit. I don’t know what’s happening and its scary. Your demons and mine are coming out and isn’t good. Cardin is still out somewhere And he wants our heads. I don’t know why he has yours though.”

Blake: “Me neither, something bigger than us I suppose”

Pre Session 19 RP

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